6 updates to Waze to help you get around safely and conveniently

Whether it’s highlighting crash-prone roads along a route, displaying road hazards like potholes or showing the closest electric vehicle charging stations, Waze helps drivers navigate more safely and conveniently. Today, we have even more updates to help make your trips safer and more predictable. Thanks to insights from local Waze drivers, community members and municipal partners, these updates help you get information about navigating the roads, finding parking and more.

Get help navigating tricky roundabouts

Knowing how to navigate a roundabout can be confusing, especially if you’re in a new part of town. Now with the help of local Waze community members, you’ll clearly see when to enter, which lane to choose, and where to exit so you don’t miss your turn. Rolling out globally to Android users this month and iOS users later this year.

Original Source: https://blog.google/waze/6-updates-to-waze-to-help-you-get-around-safely-and-conveniently/

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