4 things to remember this International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month


3. Support women-owned businesses and organizations.

Women entrepreneurs and the businesses they lead are a powerful force for innovation and economic growth. You can easily discover women-owned businesses by visiting Google Maps and Search to look for the women-owned attribute. Additionally, we recently announced the first recipients of the Google for Startups Women’s Founder Fund – a group of trailblazing entrepreneurs in India, Japan and Korea who are driving innovation and finding solutions to some of the toughest problems around the world.

Check out these businesses and support those in your own community. Positive reviews and recommendations from people like you can make a huge difference.

4. Learn about allyship in your daily life.

Allyship is about putting words into action and showing support for the women in your life and community. For example, following our release of the Breaking Barriers research, which highlighted the systemic challenges girls and women face in entering fields like computer science, Google is partnering with organizations across five countries that are focused on breaking down these barriers. Our focus includes teacher training, parent engagement, and providing young students with mentors and role models.

You can seek out opportunities to connect with women on topics you’re passionate about. Discover inspiring stories of women in tech on this special Womens Techmakers Story Map created by Women Techmakers and Google Maps Platform and attend one of the hundreds of inspiring events for women in tech they’re hosting throughout March across the globe.

On March 13th and 14th, join us at our virtual summit highlighting women technologists at Google and within the industry. And get inspired by our Talks at Google Women’s History Month playlist on YouTube. We’re adding even more empowering talks throughout the month in partnership with Women@Google, so stay tuned.

Women’s History Month honors the past and reminds us that progress requires ongoing effort. Even seemingly small acts of mentorship, sponsorship, and support can make a profound difference in advancing women’s opportunities. Together, we can contribute to work towards a future where women’s contributions and rights are fully respected and celebrated.

Original Source: https://blog.google/outreach-initiatives/diversity/womens-history-month-2024/

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