Month: April 2023

Entangled Photons Produced Entirely On-Chip

Light-based quantum technology could enable virtually unhackable communication networks and computers that can tackle problems that are currently unsolvable. Today, generating exotic quantum states of light requires bulky equipment that limits the scalability of any potential applications. A new device that squeezes all the necessary components onto a chip smaller…
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View from Brussels: MEPs call for funding focus to favour green transport

Transport is one of the more visible proofs of Europe-wide harmony and unity. Intercity train travel and ferry links are physical reminders of how open borders now are. Conversely, dysfunctional transport networks also highlight any problems that exist. That is why members of the European Parliament’s transport committee want to…
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Winners of the IET Impact in Society Awards revealed

The winning teams at the IET Impact in Society Awards, which celebrate global teams providing innovative solutions to world challenges, have been revealed. The awards celebrate people and projects that provide solutions to societal challenges through science, technology, engineering and maths.   In the awards, the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s (UKAEA) RACE…
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Accelerate 800G Ethernet Deployments

Get up to speed on the evolution of data centers.The “Data Center Ethernet Technology and Evolution to 224 Gbps” application note explains the latest evolution of high speed ethernet links, technical challenges of 800G ethernet, and test solutions available for up to 224 Gbps interfaces.Download your free copy now.
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