Month: April 2023

Biofriendly Transient Devices Emerge

Researchers at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill., and the University of Sussex, Brighton, England, have created prototypes of new environmentally sustainable devices that can monitor blood pressure and heartbeat, or heal persistent afflictions such as diabetic ulcers.The devices are also far more advanced than proof-of-concept stage; the Northwestern device, a transient…
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Sharper 3D Holograms Come Into Focus

Actual 3D holograms may be achievable in a projected medium that aren’t blurry or fuzzy but still appear to have real depth, according to a new study. The researchers, based in China and Singapore, exerted a new level of control over the hologram projection’s scattering medium.Much like flying cars or…
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Industry Out of Phase With Supercomputers

Technical and economic changes in the semiconductor industry threaten to stifle U.S. development of the next generation of high-performance computers, warns a new report from the National Research Council.With Moore’s Law and the scaling of transistors waning, the industry is turning to chip designs that don’t work for the supercomputing…
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