Month: April 2023

Expert Tips for Digital Phased Array Designs

Get tips on efficiently improving the performance of phased array antenna designs. Dr. Wilfredo Rivas-Torres references real-world projects as he examines the RF characterization of a phased array receiver, including: Statistical and element failure analysis Active impedance Beamforming IC (BFIC) modeling Design trade-offs of performance versus cost, showcasing channel impairment…
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Get to Know the IEEE Board of Directors

The IEEE Board of Directors shapes the future direction of IEEE and is committed to ensuring IEEE remains a strong and vibrant organization—serving the needs of its members and the engineering and technology community worldwide—while fulfilling the IEEE mission of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.This article features IEEE…
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UK and Netherlands to jointly benefit from multi-use undersea power line

The project, named LionLink, is expected to provide enough clean electricity to power 1.8 million homes – more than Birmingham and Manchester combined. The 1.8GW power line is the second-largest multi-purpose cross-border electricity line ever built, after the one that currently connects Germany and Denmark. However, LionLink will be able to…
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Superconducting highway concept would allow vehicles to travel at 400mph

Superconductors can conduct electricity without any resistance or power loss and can effortlessly cause magnets to levitate above them. These properties would make superconductors useful for high-speed trains or long-distance power transmission in theory, but they only work at extreme low temperatures - more than one hundred degrees below zero.…
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