Month: April 2023

Holograms Supercharge Nanoscale 3D Printing

Using holograms, a nanoscale 3D printer can now rapidly fabricate complex items with details smaller than a wavelength of visible light, a new study finds. This research can rapidly manufacture nanotechnological arrays of wires, lenses, rotating magnetic gears, and other structures—suggesting applications in electronics, photonics, microrobotics and more.Currently, the most…
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Fast Food, Fast Charge

It sounds so obvious: Public EV chargers should be located in public, where people tend to gather. The reality has often been otherwise, with too many chargers tucked into desolate parking lots or seemingly random locations. And since even the speediest DC chargers take roughly 30 minutes to juice up…
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Hybrid Memristor AI Chips Could Scale

By combining atomically thin devices with conventional microchips, scientists have created brain-mimicking hybrid electronics that can help implement neural-network artificial-intelligence systems in a far more energy-efficient way than standard electronics, a new study finds.As electronics become tinier and tinier, scientists are investigating atomically thin 2D materials for next-generation electronics. For…
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Learn From the Best Minds in Commercial Robotics Development

This sponsored article is brought to you by Robotics Summit & Expo.The Robotics Summit & Expo, taking place May 10-11 at the Boston Convention Center, will bring together the brightest minds in robotics to share their commercial robotics development experiences. Learn from industry-leading speakers, build new relationships by networking, see…
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