Month: February 2023

Remote driving of vehicles from abroad should be banned, says government review

The remote driving of vehicles from overseas, such as for the delivery of rental cars, could be banned following a government-commissioned review. The Law Commission of England and Wales has made public a set of recommendations regarding how to regulate vehicles being controlled by individuals in remote locations. The commission concluded…
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Prevail in the EM Environment

Today’s volatile environment increases the possibility that your electronic warfare (EW) system will not adequately react to threats with countermeasures.Download Keysight’s white paper to learn about electronic countermeasures (ECMs) and how jamming, machine learning, and AI are changing the threat environment. It presents ways to generate electronic attacks and evaluate…
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Eugene H. Spafford: Malware Nemesis

During Eugene H. Spafford’s more than three decades as professor of computer sciences at Purdue University, in West Lafayette, Ind., he has made groundbreaking contributions to computer and network security. A member of the Cyber Security Hall of Fame, he is considered one of the most influential leaders in information…
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