Month: January 2023

Convincing Consumers To Buy EVs

With the combination of requiring all new light-duty vehicles sold in New York State be zero-emission by 2035, investments in electric vehicles charging stations, and state and federal EV rebates, “you’re going to see that you have no more excuses” for not buying an EV, according to New York Governor…
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EVs Are Essential Grid-Scale Storage

Electric-vehicle batteries may help store renewable energy to help make it a practical reality for power grids, potentially meeting grid demands for energy storage by as early as 2030, a new study finds.Solar and wind power are the fastest growing sources of electricity, according to climate think tank Ember. However,…
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Picosecond Accuracy in Multi-channel Data Acquisition

Timing accuracy is vital for multi-channel synchronized sampling at high speed. In this webinar, we explain challenges and solutions for clocking, triggering, and timestamping in Giga-sample-per-second data acquisition systems. Learn more about phase-locked sampling, clock and trigger distribution, jitter reduction, trigger correction, record alignment, and more.Register now to join this…
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