Month: December 2022

Top Tech 2023: A Special Report

Each January, the editors of IEEE Spectrum offer up some predictions about technical developments we expect to be in the news over the coming year. You’ll find a couple dozen of those described in the following special report. Of course, the number of things we could have written about is…
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Finally, an eVTOL You Can Buy (Soon)

If electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft do manage to revolutionize transportation, the date of 5 October 2011, may live on in aviation lore. That was the day when a retired mechanical engineer named Marcus Leng flew a home-built eVTOL across his front yard in Warkworth, Ont., Canada, startling his…
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Plastic Rad-Hard Package Offers a Smaller and More Thermally Efficient Alternative to QMLV

TI has developed a new device screening specification called space high grade in plastic (SHP) for space-qualified devices constructed in plastic packaging traditionally used in industrial applications. SHP includes both plastic substrate ball-grid array (BGA) and plastic-encapsulated packages. The SHP qualification level produces devices suitable for tough mission profiles typically…
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