Month: November 2022

India’s First Private Space Rocket Blasts Off

A rocket built by Indian startup Skyroot has become the country’s first privately developed launch vehicle to reach space, following a successful maiden flight earlier today. The suborbital mission is a major milestone for India’s private space industry, say experts, though more needs to be done to nurture the fledgling…
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Net zero buildings: the future of construction?

With humanity scrambling to respond to climate change, countless companies, investors, public sector bodies and national governments have made commitments to achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions in the next two or three decades. Net zero is the notion that any greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted through an organisation’s activities must be balanced out through…
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Robotic Falcon Keeps Birds Away From Airports

Collisions with birds are a serious problem for commercial aircraft, costing the industry billions of dollars and killing thousands of animals every year. New research shows that a robotic imitation of a peregrine falcon could be an effective way to keep them out of flight paths. Worldwide, so-called birdstrikes are…
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