Month: October 2022

The measure of: Ocean Builders’ SeaPod

Billed as the world’s first eco-restorative floating home, the SeaPod addresses the lack of space in desirable seaside destinations, incorporating advanced green technology to be both sustainable and comfortable. The range includes three models designed by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis: the SeaPod, the EcoPod and a GreenPod engineered for use…
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View from Washington: TSMC joins tech stock fall as markets mull Biden’s China tech crunch

The share price of the world’s largest chipmaker, TSMC, dropped 6 per cent in early Taiwanese trading today (October 11) following last week’s release of the Biden administration’s latest and much broader restrictions on semiconductor exports to China, as markets reflected mounting concern over their potential impact on Sino-US technology…
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How a Dual Curing Adhesive Works

This sponsored article is brought to you by Master Bond. Master Bond UV22DC80-1 is a nanosilica filled, dual cure epoxy based system. Nanosilica filled epoxy formulations are designed to further improve performance and processing properties. The specific filler will play a crucial role in determining key parameters such as viscosity,…
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