Month: February 2022

Tap into powerful continuous learning, for one and all

The all-digital, all-electric world we live in poses new challenges for how we work. New technologies require engineers to redevelop their skills while changing regulations require constant monitoring and applied understanding. At the same time, customers are asking for the latest solutions. And, with critical requirements for sustainability and netzero…
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Where did going to work go?

“The ‘Nowhere Office’ is a moment we are in today,” says Julia Hobsbawm. She’s referring not just to the title of her new book, but also to what she describes as a new kind of landscape in which we now work. Over the past two years we’ve had to recalibrate…
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Andrew Ng: Unbiggen AI

Andrew Ng has serious street cred in artificial intelligence. He pioneered the use of graphics processing units (GPUs) to train deep learning models in the late 2000s with his students at Stanford University, cofounded Google Brain in 2011, and then served for three years as chief scientist for Baidu, where…
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How AI Will Change Chip Design

The end of Moore’s Law is looming. Engineers and designers can do only so much to miniaturize transistors and pack as many of them as possible into chips. So they’re turning to other approaches to chip design, incorporating technologies like AI into the process.Samsung, for instance, is adding AI to…
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